Monday, June 11, 2012

Northren Nesbit & Boreal Forest Shooting

This last weekend we went shooting in the Nesbit & Boreal Forest's.  As I child I spent summers in the Back country and on the Northern lakes.  My grandpa owned a large fly in fish camp so it was a natural transfer for the family to get out hike and canoe & camp the country side.  While we were camping & hiking this trip we came across a fawn sleeping right beside where we made camp.  Its mother dropped it off an came back for it 3 hours later. So we cooked and watched the fawn frolic in the grass while mother was feeding. I couldn't help but snap some photos I was so close I was even able to use a portrait L lens. Nothing comes without a price...after a few min's into shooting the Bambi, I started to feel nauseous and just not healthy anymore, I pulled up a chair at the fire and looked at my feet. My feet were so swollen my nail's were disappearing and my ankles became kankles and my knees to started to disappear also in the inflammation. It even got worse and hung on for a few hours. Out of worry of it getting worse and having no idea what caused it would packed up and headed back to S'toon in case I needed the ER. As of today the swelling has gone down considerably and whats left looks like possible Poison Ivy maybe? No blisters but  I look like chicken pox all over again and they may even be itchier this time. OH well, I'm happy that I got within 2 feet of a baby deer and the mom didn't stomp me into the ground so its a fair trade off I suppose.

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